Man using TopCon Geopositioning equipment.

About Topcon Positioning

Topcon has a simple mission - to assist businesses grow to meet the demands required to meet the needs of 9 billion people expected on our planet by 2030. Topcon is driven to meet these demands with innovative solutions that help you work smarter and faster to create sustainable infrastructure and agriculture. We focus on providing solutions for geospatial, construction, agricultural, and mapping industries that make use of GPS, optical scanning, and machine control technologies.

Major Products

Let us help you find the right solutions at the intersection of Infrastructure and Technology.

How can Topcon help you?

Topcon is a leading positioning instrumentation and software manufacturer serving various industries around the globe.

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Topcon products provide innovative solutions for professionals in different industries.


Build Industry Icon

Topcon provides products for the Build industry which is focused on providing solutions that integrate traditional design and construction methods with digital systems to optimize overall design and construction methodologies.


Infrastructure Industry Icon

Topcon provides products solutions for the Infrastructure industry with Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions for surveyors, civil engineers and project managers who work in the infrastructure.



Manufacturing Icon

Topcon provides solutions for the Manufacturing industry with developed tailored workflow solutions that are not only productive, efficient and cost effective, but promote new technologies and set direction towards Industry 4.0.

Process, Energy, & Mining

Process, Energy, and Mining Icon

Topcon provides innovative solutions for the Process, Energy and Mining (PEM) industry in Africa given its wealth of mineral resources. Our digital solutions will assist in creating a feasible and lucrative operating environment that is attractive to investors and will set up the industry for further growth.