How do partners affect my e-store purchase? 

When you check-out you will be given the option of purchasing immediately or requesting a quotation from a local partner. If you choose to purchase immediately you will be asked to select a local partner. That partner will receive a commission on the saleYou can also ask to be contacted by a local partner at any time during your e-store experience. 

Why should I work with a partner? 

You need access to the best global technology, the best local service to fulfil your order, and help with any implementation issues that you may haveWorldsView Technologies links you with skilled partners across Africa to help you with all this and more. 

How do I choose a partner? 

When you check-out you will need to specify your country and your town. Then you can select a partner based on previous experience with them or on the partner “Tier” level. Our tiers are (from highest to lowest) Platinum, Gold or Reseller. Each tier is associated with levels of expertise. Your town may not have all tiers available. 

What if I still want to talk to WorldsView for assistance? 

WorldsView’s technical team is available to assist you if you require more expertise than your local partner can deliver. See our contact details on the e-store or visit