Leica Disto D510

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Product Description

A DISTO for the pros. 
With 14 measurement modes, Smart Horizontal, Bluetooth®, IP65 rating, drop tested at 2 meters, and a range of 660’ (200m), the D510 is a DISTO that’s truly built for professional measuring tasks on large, active job sites that require a high-performance LDM. 

More functions to get the job done. 
The D510 can handle many types of measurement tasks that AEC professionals regularly need to complete. It covers the basics but also includes more advanced features, like Smart Horizontal and Height Tracking. And it excels at complex measurements such as our Trapezium Function, which allows you to measure the slope, length, and area of a roof from one location. 

  1. IP65 protection rating: If you are working in dirty, wet, or demanding environments, go for an IP65 rating or higher. Dropped your LDM in the mud? No problem, wash it off with a hose. Many of the IP65 products are also rated for 1-2 m (3-6’) drop resistance as well. And the most rugged IP65 DISTO we currently sell is the X310 (E7400x).

  2. Built-in tilt sensor: A solid-state tilt sensor adds the degree of inclination or declination to the mix and provides a value that adds a lot to the usefulness of a DISTO.

    For example, if you know the distance and vertical angle to an object you can measure the height of the object, the slope up or down, and the actual horizontal distance to that object.

  3. Digital viewer: Read LDM reviews or posts on user forums and you’ll find the comment, “I love my laser distance meter but I can’t see the laser spot outside”. Workarounds include using red-tinted laser glasses, target plate, or both. That will buy you 15 m - 30 m (50' - 100').


  4. Bluetooth®– Fortunately, there are many new mobile apps that take advantage of a Bluetooth®-equipped DISTO's connection to a smartphone or tablet.

    When measurements are captured in real-time, the overall benefit is the elimination of human error. After that, it depends on the app. There are apps that enable you to update BIM models in the field and that allow you to upload plans to the cloud that you can import into your desktop software.

  5. Sunlight-visible color graphic display– Thanks to smartphones, we are all familiar with the advances in display technology over the last few years. Graphic user interfaces (GUIs) have enabled us to make accessing functions and displaying measurements much more intuitive in differing light conditions, including in direct sunlight.

  6. Power options– The flip side of color GUIs is that they draw more power than the older LCD tech, so we upgraded our battery offering. AA or AAA batteries are giving way to the same Lithium Ion technology that powers smartphones, laptops, and Tesla electric cars. In some cases, we use the rechargeable AA Lith-Ion form factor to retain convenience of dropping in some fresh AAs in the field.

Supplied WIth
  • Leica DISTO D510

  • Carrying pouch

  • 2x AA batteries

  • Hand loop

  • Quickstart guide

  • Warranty card, Safety Manual, Calibration Certificate Silver

Technical Specifications
Typ. distance measuring accuracy ± 1.0 mm
Range 0.05 up to 200m
Measuring units m, ft, in
X-Range Power Technology


Distance in m

Ø of the laser dot in mm

10, 50, 100 m

6, 30, 60 mm

Tilt sensor yes
Tilt sensor accuracy to the laser beam ± 0.2°
Tilt sensor accuracy to the housing ± 0.2°
Units in the tilt sensor

0.0°, 0.00 %

mm/m, in/ft

Pointfinder with zoom 4 x
Memory for last measurements 30
Display illumination yes
Free software for Windows yes
Free App for iOS and Android yes
General data interface Bluetooth® Smart
Measurements per set of batteries up to 5,000*
Service life of batteries up to 10 h*
Multifunctional endpiece yes
Automatic reference detection for endpiece yes
Tripod thread 1/4"
Batteries type AA 2 × 1.5 V
Protection class IP65
Dimensions 143 × 58 × 29 mm
Weight with batteries  198 g

*Reduced when used with Bluetooth®

Leica Disto D510

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